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Before you buy a boat you should get a “Pre-Purchase” survey. This is a very detailed report on the condition of the boat.

 If you choose not to buy the boat based on the negative survey findings, the survey will have been well worth the cost. If you do buy the boat, your insurer  will require the survey. The surveyor should be hired by the buyer, and not the seller.

A ” Condition and Valuation” survey is a report that typically contains less information than a “Pre-Purchase” survey. The main use of this type of report is to satisfy the insurer that the boat is a reasonable risk and to make the owner aware of any safety-related issues. It does not contain enough detailed information to make a decision on whether or not to buy a boat. 

Some surveyors make no distinction between the above two common kinds of survey. They charge the same rate for both. I charge a lower fee for a “Condition and Valuation”  as it does not need to be as detailed as a “Pre-Purchase” survey and should therefore be priced differently.

Please see my rate sheet page on the menu.

I am located in Toronto and offer surveys within the Greater Toronto Area with no extra travel charge. The exception to this policy is a small travel charge to the Toronto Island yacht clubs and marinas.

If you are outside of the Greater Toronto Area, a per km charge is added to the fee. Please see rate sheet on menu for more detail.

Chris brings decades of hands-on practical experience in the marine services field to his survey work. This experience combined with ongoing education and research makes Chris the right choice for a thorough competent survey.

"Thanks Chris, I have greatly appreciated your detailed and informative surveys".
R Joyce
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